Ezequiel Bruni

Hi, I'm Ezequiel, and I live on / create content for the Internet. I can do it for you, too.

I write articles, mostly; though I can write a lot more, like website copy, satire, and bad poetry. I also provide consulting on content-driven web sites and web apps, as I've been a web & UX designer for over a decade. I'm available for freelance jobs. If you need some writing done, have a look at my work, or jump straight to my contact info.

In my spare time, I play video games, cook, take photos, play video games, watch compelling TV, critique movies, read books, and play video games.

Commercial work

People pay me to write this stuff, and so can you. (Click on a project to open it in a new tab.)

Webdesigner Depot

I've written a large number of articles for WDD. Some deal with the different problems you can run into as a web designer. In others, I review a number of the resources available to designers and developers alike. I also enjoy a part-time job as an editor, here.


I write the occasional article for webdesign.org, and they're usually geared towards beginners. Again, I write about web design; but here, I mostly write about specific techniques, tips, and hacks for newbies.

Personal projects

The things we do for fun.

Probably Kidding

This is where I write articles that are not ever meant to be taken seriously. It's where I make fun of the things that make me sad.

My photography

On occasion, I leave the house. I take my camera with me to document the strangeness of the Great Outside. Sometimes, the photos get put online.