Ezequiel Bruni has always been a great web designer. He worked and contributed web designs for the Huge Nerd Studio for a few years. The designs and works he gave surely helped the company go up in this industry. He is also a great writer since he’s been writing about web designs as well and created a lot of inspiration for other people. Ezequiel is an amazing photographer as well. He got hired as a professional web designer for almost a lot of company and eventually got hired for photographs and advertising purposes too. Whenever he works, he sure uses his great skills to give great services and provide satisfaction to clients.

Now, he decided to build his own business under his own name. At first, he worked alone as a freelancer. He got hired to do web designs, photographs and other things but then he also thought of hiring other people to work for him. Using his own skills, he picked those people who have great potentials in this field but also taught them everything he knew. Up until now, he managed to run this company and website and it became more successful with the help of other people.

Since we often get hired because of our photography too, some people who need the services of professionals also wanted to hire us in documenting their personal occasions and parties. Now we also work in any occasions as photographers. We became a huge success in this field and we managed to give our clients great service, the reason why they now also turn to us whenever they need us. The website designing and us being photographers too made us more successful than ever. We are hoping to see more clients in the future who will trust us with their projects. Our team is beyond grateful to give our best services to all of you.

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