Many people ask questions about us especially about our services. Since we cannot post everything we receive from all the clients, here are the frequently asked questions about us.

How can I contact you if ever I want to hire someone as a web designer for the new website of our company?

You can just contact us through the emails provided in the contact section. Send us a message regarding the website and project you want us to work on and we will immediately respond to you especially if the clients are big brands.

I am wondering if I can visit your company especially when I need a personal meet up with the employees regarding the things I want to discuss with.

Yes, you can visit us in our firm, you can find the location through this website as well if you need further details about us. Please make sure to make an appointment or scheduled meeting with any of the employees or with Ezequiel Bruni himself so we can avoid problems. Thank you.

How can I hire someone as a web designer or photographer from your company? And how can I contact them if ever I need to talk to them personally or at least talk to them online?

You can hire any of our photographers and web designers through emails. We can suggest our best workers or you can choose them yourself especially if you know someone who works with us. That happens a lot of times so we consider you hiring someone you are comfortable working with or if not, we will set up an appointment for you and one of our best photographer or web designer. We can also give their contacts to you so you both can discuss anything you need to talk about regarding the projects and work you will do.

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